Seminar Presented by Sungard Availability Services

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Cloud Recovery – Keeping Data, Technology and People Available

The drive towards the Digital Transformation of Government services will not only bring about greater efficiency and levels of service, but will also create new challenges for IT professionals.

With a more information being stored in the cloud and a use of hybrid environments to enable the continued use of legacy applications, the big question is – what do you do if or when it all goes wrong? How do you keep the fundamentals of your data, technology and people working as normal?

During this session, Sungard AS will describe how we can provide all of the key components you need to thrive in a Hybrid world; from a Technological, Performance, Financial, Governance and Resourcing perspective. Our Consulting Services, provides Architectural, Service and Economic Assessments, as well as the expertise you can rely on to deliver it.

We will look at how to keep platforms available to front-line and back-end users, and what you need to ensure a fully functional recovery solution.

We will discuss the options of Recover to Cloud and the benefits of having a Managed Recovery Programme in place. The session will also cover what these recovery options mean for applications as part of a hybrid IT environment.

Finally, we will look at the options available to Government organisations and how these have been implemented within the public sector.

Key learning points:

  • How to manage your recovery in terms of data, technology and people – ensuring platforms are always available
  • Hybrid IT environments and how to include these in your recovery plan away from hyper-scale cloud
  • What digital transformation can bring your organisation to aid business continuity

Speaker: Jim Deal – Business Development Manager, Sungard Availability Services

Speaker: Dr Sandra Bell – Practice Manager – Business Consultancy and ISDG Europe, Sungard Availability Services


Seminar Presented by Agile Business Consortium

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Developing Digital Skills through “Agile Digital Services” Training Course and Qualification

  • Delivering  a coherent and cohesive course, suitable for everyone who wants to learn how to deliver Government Digital Services in an agile way
  • Using the AgilePM qualification as a base of the course whilst using the GOV.UK lifecycle and terminology so that the course skills can be applied immediately and easily by trainees
  • Sharing the user research insights that shaped the development of the training course and asking trainees to contribute their own ideas for the future development of our beta programme

Speaker: Geof Ellingham, Chair, Agile Business Consortium

Seminar Presented by CACI

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Unlocking the Potential of Digital Transformation Beyond Technical Infrastructure

  • The real impact of digital transformation
  • Fostering the right culture, communicating effectively and developing a digital strategy
  • Developing strategies for internal & external stakeholder engagement

Adopting the Cloud Successfully – Overcoming Key Concern

  • Understanding the key criticisms of public sector cloud adoption and whether they are justified
  • Identifying strategies that can accelerate cloud adoption
  • Making a sustainable investment means asking the right questions from your cloud supplier

Speaker: Mike Robertson, Head of Public Sector, CACI

Seminar Presented by Citrix

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 Delivering Apps and Data from the Cloud with Citrix and Microsoft

  • Meeting the needs of the future of work by delivering the industry’s most comprehensive and integrated platform for secure app, data and network delivery—all as a cloud-based service
  • Delivering Workspace as a Service through the Citrix Cloud will give end users a consistent, consumerised experience across all their apps and data in a single portal, regardless of device used or where the apps and data reside
  • Building on Citrix’s long-standing partnership with Microsoft to help businesses embrace digital transformation and provide a secure digital workspace

Speaker: Chris Oldham, Senior Corporate Account Manager – Public Sector, Citrix

Seminar Presented by Confluent


Designing Apache Kafka: A Scalable Platform that Can Resolve Interoperability Issues

  • Deploying a fast and scalable platform that can match application features with services in a modern, distributed architecture
  • Developing Kafka into a full-scale streaming platform, capable of publish-and-subscribe, storage and processing of data within the stream
  • Expanding the platform’s integration capabilities by adding tools that enable optimization, management and security of Kafka clusters

Speaker: Ben Stopford, Engineer/Architect, Confluent

Seminar Presented by Core Technology Systems

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Cloud services form part of most organisations digital transformation plans. They help reduce costs while allowing users to leverage the latest technologies and be more productive.But there are some common blockers that stop cloud projects before they even start. The cost of fixing your identities to federate to cloud services, the cost of connecting your disparate networks to Azure/AWS, or the cost of dealing with your incumbent suppliers who don’t want to lose their revenue to the cloud.

Two Shortcuts to Start your Digital Transformation 

Our talk covers how we’ve already helped a 22,000 user central government department save time & money, and can help you to:

  • Save money by unshackling your network and identity from your incumbent
  • Federate to the cloud without fixing your identity problems
  • Connect multiple departments/networks securely to Azure/AWS/etc through a secure centralised hub

Speaker: Lloyd Carnie, Chief Technology Officer & Stephen Hynes, Infrastructure and Cloud Manager, Core Technology Systems 


Seminar Presented by Atlassian

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HM Courts & Tribunals Service: Modernising Frontline Services with Atlassian Data Center

  • Why Atlassian? Industry-leading software for digital transformation
  • Empowering team collaboration – understanding the significance of tools and culture
  • Software at scale – how migration from Cloud to Data Center meets demands for high availability infrastructure
  • Real world use case – insights into the benefits of Atlassian JIRA and Confluence in the public sector

Speaker: Mark Giles – Service Management and Operational Services – HM Courts & Tribunals

Seminar Presented by Acuma


Starting your Digital Transformation Journey by Building Digital Competencies within Your Organisation

  • Information Management– Consulting businesses on developing technology services which can successfully align to their IM objectives
  • Application Services– Building secure Enterprise Applications
  • Cloud– Moving to Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS) and Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Testing– Mitigating the risk of IT failures, to reduce costs and improve the quality of deliverables and on-going validation performance
  • Internet of Things– Creating dedicated development teams to engineer solutions that are platform-independent, mobile and cloud enabled
  • Training– Delivering high quality, accredited training services which enable our customers to translate course theory into practical business benefits in the workplace quickly and effectively
  • Support– Ensuring the success of your IM solution through our commitment and dedication to personalised support

Speaker: Celia Morris Group Manager Performance and Improvement, Nottinghamshire County Council

Seminar presented by Microsoft

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The Agility and Economics of the Cloud

Achieving business agility is relatively straightforward for an organisation with a generous budget. The trick is to do it on a limited budget. This is where the cloud enters the picture.

  • Learning how you can achieve business agility in your organization
  • Understanding the efficiencies you can drive, how to position your organisation for digital transformation and where, on the ICT-infrastructure e-business spectrum, you can realise different classes of benefits
  • Providing richer services to citizens, greater flexibility to your workforce, deploying your staff to functions that return higher value and help you to deliver greater impact on your mission

This session will be a thought-provoking journey on how to exploit the digital disruption the cloud brings to government organisations.

Speaker: Steve Plank, Azure Technical Architect, Microsoft UK

seminar presented by Nutanix

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Nutanix: A Platform Built to Transform Government ICT

  • Harness seamless, pay-as-you-grow scalability – Nutanix enables you to start small for a variety of deployments and to scale as you need, when you need  – with no inefficient overprovisioning or silos of storage.
  • Make valuable savings – With our platform, you can reduce your space, power, and cooling requirements by as much as 90%. Nutanix delivers  the industry’s best datacentre density, enabling you to run larger numbers of workloads in very little space.
  • Cut capital expenses – Our streamlined solution means that you can consolidate different workloads, including tier-1 database workloads,  onto a single platform – cutting costs by as much as 50%.
  • Reduce management overheads – Our Nutanix management platform, Prism, couldn’t be simpler to work with and combines several aspects of datacentre management into a single, consumer-grade solution. In fact, our customers can benefit from much leaner IT departments  – or divert resources into innovation or helping to reposition IT as an enabler.
  • Ensure service continuity – You can keep your critical services up-and-running for longer with our self-healing Nutanix systems that avoid downtime for software upgrades and keep unplanned downtime to the absolute minimum.
  • Deployment and scale at speed – Nutanix enables you to deploy infrastructure in minutes, not days or weeks. Scaling is just a one-click operation, ensuring that datacentre or field expansion is handled seamlessly.
  • Make the move to the cloud – Nutanix will enable you to quickly deploy an Enterprise Cloud Platform with validated reference designs for a wide range of workloads such as Enterprise Applications and Databases, VDI, Big Data, Collaboration & UC.

Speaker: Alastair Roriston, Public sector sales director, Nutanix

Speaker: David Scott, Public Sector Account Manager, Nutanix

Speaker: David Gaunt, Public Sector Systems Engineering Manager, Nutanix

Seminar Presented by Genesys

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Making Digital Achievable – Where Should you Start?

 What are the main points in your business right now, that you are looking to digital to address?

Increasing first time resolution?  Improving CX by adding new contact channels?  Increasing digital contact adoption?  Improving the mobile experience?

  • Undestanding where are you on your digital transformation journey – Are you taking your first step?  Are you ready to move to the next level?
  • Exploring practical steps that you can follow to take advantage of digital disruption and address specific pain points in your organisation

Speaker: Kashaf Chaudry, Director Strategic Solutions  – Public Sector, Genesys

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